Who can report?

According to our “Whistleblowing Policy: intive speak up!”, the report can be submitted by all intivers, trainees, suppliers, self-employed persons providing services to intive, freelance workers, contractors, subcontractors, shareholders and persons in managerial bodies, persons whose work-based relationship has ended, candidates for employment, persons seeking to provide services to intive, or any other third party who acquired information on misconduct at intive.

Is the report anonymous?

Reports are completely confidential and you are not required to reveal your identity until you choose to do so.

What to report?

You can contact the intive speak up service using this website to report any breach of European Union or national law, intive’s Code of Conduct or Supplier Code of Conduct, or any other intive policy or procedure. For further information go to the section “What to report”.

How to use the channel?

You can contact the intive speak up service using this website to report suspected misconduct.

You can track your report by logging to the platform and we encourage you to do it at least every two weeks. After submitting the report you will be given the automatically generated login / reference number and password. The whistleblowing analyst(s) will leave you messages on the platform, including further questions (if any) and follow – up reports. Please, keep the reference number and remember your password! Otherwise you won’t be able to check the current status of the report, feedback given to you by the analyst of the report, and it will not be possible to contact you.

Will the reporting person be liable for a confidentiality breach?

You will be protected and will not be penalized for having reported information falling within the scope of loyalty clauses in contracts or confidentiality or non-disclosure agreements clauses, where providing this information is necessary for revealing the breach. Where those conditions are met, you will not incur any kind of liability, be it civil, criminal, administrative or employment-related. Such protection should not extend to superfluous information that you revealed without having reasonable grounds to believe that reporting or public disclosure was necessary to report a breach.

Use speak up service prudently

Remember that it is easy to harm somebody when using intive speak up service inappropriately. Thus, bear in mind that intive speak up service is not to submit false or unfounded reports, for the sole purpose of defaming, slandering, retaliating or causing damage to the reported party or to other parties mentioned in the disclosure. intive speak up service is not dedicated to submitting prank reports as well. This sort of inputs are not in line with our ethics.

What happens next with the report?

In the first place Vispato will receive your disclosure, create a disclosure report (including suggestions as to the next steps) and notify adequate intive representatives assigned to particular types of misconduct.

In the next step the internal or external experts will be assigned to analyze the reported misconduct. Those can be, e.g. the representatives of Compliance Team, HR, Legal Department, external advisors. Those persons will not know your identity, unless you choose to reveal it during reporting. A whistleblowing analyst(s) will review the information you have given, summarize it, suggest specific follow-up action and submit a report to a designated intive bodies.

Every input will be carefully analyzed. You can trust that we will treat your reports seriously, fairly, and promptly, and if something needs to be fixed, we will take action based on what we learn. intive speak up service is dedicated to particular types of serious misconduct and should not be confused with other reporting channels available at intive (reporting other matters: https://intive.com/contact).

If you still have any concerns, contact intive Compliance Team. If you have any other queries relating to the service and how it operates, please email mail@vispato.com