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Abuse of Influence →
  • manipulating someone with the ability to punish them if they don't comply, e.g. ordering subordinates to perform non-business activities like washing a private car or bringing a meal
  • gaining access to information that shouldn't be accessible
  • using the confidential information to private gain
Bribery / Corruption →
  • facilitation payment
  • excessive and unjustified hospitality
  • excessive gift for customer
  • unreported gift or entertainment exceeding the threshold
Breach of Policy / Procedure →
Breach of Code of Conduct or work regulations provisions
Bullying / Harassment / Mobbing →
  • offensive language
  • inadequate jokes
  • racial or gender slurs
  • degrading comments
  • display of sexually suggestive pictures or pornography
Conflicts of interest →
  • unrevealed additional business activity which may be competitive with intive’s operations
  • romantic relationship between subordinate and superior
Discrimination →
  • Promoting, evaluating, changing working conditions or granting a salary increase to certain employees based not on their skills or achievements, but on other grounds.
Discrimination is also manifested by preventing promotions, influencing evaluation, or denying a salary increase because of characteristics unrelated to the employee's performance or achievements.
Fraud →
  • stealing cash or other equipment
  • misstating financial information
  • unauthorized purchases
Health / Safety / Environment →
  • hazardous work conditions
  • working under the influence of illegal drugs, controlled substances used for non-medical purposes or alcoholic beverages creating an unacceptable safety risk
  • selling, distributing, transferring or possessing illegal drugs or controlled substances while working on the premises, except for approved medical purposes
  • inappropriate usage of resources
Other Unethical Behaviour or Misconduct →
  • covering up any misconduct